SelfMade Speed Round - Anastasia Lupu


Anastasia Lupu is indeed the triple threat but the most striking feature about her is how incredibly kind and down-to-earth she is. Once you get over her supermodel looks, you realize just how whip smart she is and the likability factor goes wayyyy up.

She's a momma, a badass babe, a beauty and a business woman. Her floral company speaks to me and it's incredibly unique and custom which are two of my favorite things. The tagline: Boxed Flowers For The Well-Heeled. Where my stiletto-wearin' babes at? This one's for you! <and yes, that's her pictured above>

ENTREPRENEUR: Anastasia Lupu

CITY: Chicago

COMPANY: Fille Fleur Fée

  1. What’s the name of your business?  Fille Fleur Fée (Flower Girl Fairy in French)
  2. Two sentences or less...what is the goal of your business? To open a flower shop cafe
  3. How long have you had your business? A year and a half
  4. What was the hardest part about getting started? Finding the right resources.
  5. What is the biggest triumph you’ve experienced thus far? Being a Mom
  6. What’s for breakfast? Protein Shake
  7. Kids - yes/no and if yes, how many/ages? Yes, my 11 year old son Lucas
  8. Workout? What do you love to do? PILATES Reformer
  9. Favorite snack? Cashews
  10. Favorite guilty pleasure? Pastries
  11. Best vacation you’ve ever taken and why? Maldives because it’s the most Most magical place in the world
  12. One must have item in your purse? Hand lotion
  13. Go-to everyday uniform? Jeans and a button down shirt
  14. Favorite luxury beauty product? RéVive Moisturizing renewal cream
  15. Favorite drugstore beauty steal? Neutrogena Micromist Airbrush Sunless Tan
  16. Milk or dark chocolate? Milk
  17. What did you want to be when you grew up? A private investigator
  18. What’s your party trick? Incorporating florals
  19. Name one destination on your bucket list? Amalfi Coast, Italy
  20. Favorite TV program? Law and Order
  21. Beyonce or Jay Z? Beyoncé
  22. Wine or cocktail? What kind?  White Wine
  23. Your friends’ nickname for you is? Stacia
  24. What’s next for your business? Partnering with Restaurant and hotel groups in Chicagoland area.
  25. Pets? What kind/name? Long hair chihuahua named Giovanni
  26. Favorite neighborhood in Chicago? River west
  27. Podcast listener? Which one? Don’t listen to podcasts
  28. Biggest pet peeve? Too many to list
  29. What’s your sign? Aries
  30. What’s your favorite quote?  “If you can dream it, you can do it” - Walt Disney

Thank you Anastasia. xx