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Staying toasty (and green!) with Marley Coffee.

Last week I had the absolute pleasure in co-hosting a media event with my pal, Alison of Sassy Moms in the City, and a very special brand - Marley Coffee. It was the right fit from the start given my daily caffeine consumption. I completely respect a brand that not only has heritage but has introduced the EcoCup capsule which is a green alternative to the K-Cup you're used to seeing on the shelves.

Marley Coffee was founded by son of Bob Marley, Rohan Marley, in 1999. The farm is located in the Jamaica Blue Mountains and the goal was simple: support local farmers, the economy and the environment.

I suppose I could always be a little more eco-conscious, however it's the small things that create maximum impact, right? Well, here's a scary fact - over 10 billion single cup capsules are consumed and go into landfills annually. That's just for North America which is enough to circle the earth 12 times!

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Unwinding at home.

It's pretty rare that our house is quiet. It's even more rare that I have alone time and when I do, it's usually paired with blankets, cozy clothes and coffee. I savor the moments when I can catch up on emails and articles. Those moments of solace make me feel refreshed and perhaps, a better mom and wife.

My go-to? Starbucks® Mocha K-Cup® Packs. It's my favorite aroma. I swear it's better than any candle you can find out there.

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Favorite fall treats to share with friends.

One of my favorite things about our weekends is the spontaneity of seeing close friends at a moment's notice. Too often we strategize these intricate get-togethers only to have the best laid plans fall through.

In fact, my favorite memories often include a random text followed by my door bell ringing twenty minutes later. For cozy moments like these, I retreat to sweet treats and Starbucks® flavored K-Cup® Packs.

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