Sunday, only slightly less ordinary.

"Spectacular" doesn't do our Sunday dinner enough justice as I recollect all the amazing bites we had this past weekend at Sullivan's. If you haven't tried your hand at this amazingly, refined're missing out!

Sunday marked our second occasion and previously scheduled date day but....surprise!...our sitter cancelled due to a stomach bug. I seriously contemplated canceling our reservation but thought better. Why not bring the kids along and teach them what refined dining is really like? Let's expand those tiny taste buds beyond burgers and hot dogs, shall we?

No different than the first occasion, the service couldn't be more accommodating. We might have received a few raised eyebrows from local patrons but the staff didn't even hesitate. It's not too often you see a 5 + a 4 year old dining amongst white tablecloths.

And like any good parent, a heavy swirl of bubbles was in order to kick off our dining-out experience because let's face it...parenting is a FT job...especially by Sunday evening! I love that Sullivan's has my favorite Schramsberg bubbles. Conveniently in dainty splits might I add!

Dining with these two proved to be a cinch. Truthfully, we've been grooming them since birth and while I can't avoid the 34 trips to the restroom; I can teach them how to behave in a nice restaurant. We're getting the hang of it! Ice cream helps.

I ordered the Seafood Sampler because their seasonal dishes are always on point. The freshest, sweetest oysters (my favorite!) alongside shrimp, king crab and a dollop of horseradish. Is there anything better in hot temps? I was in heaven!

My husband ordered the Bone-In KC Strip which he raves about every time. You know something is good when he orders it twice because he is always on the hunt for a new dish. Dining out is always meant to be an experience with him.

And my kiddos dined on chicken strips with steak fries...between bites of our food, of course. Baby steps. 

It's a complete mistake to leave without ordering dessert, too. A treat I only reserve for dates at Sullivan's because they are that. good. Pictured above, the Peanut Butter Black Bottom Pie. It was off the charts! I can still taste it if I close my eyes. Worth every calorie, too!

PSA: Order their special going on right now for $49 - the Summer Fling! Pair their Signature Filet with a Lump Crab Cake and Fresh Lobster Tail. Two people could easily share this meal and walk out rubbing their bellies with satisfaction. Their promotions are always amazing and don't forget the wine flight!

I cannot say enough about our Sullivan's Date Days. We frequent the Lincolnshire location but they also have a location in the city, too. Steak houses come and go but it's the wine menu and variety of special combined with excellent service that keeps us coming back for more. 

In a world of less than favorable chain options, Sullivan's is head and shoulders above the rest. Get your Summer Fling on!

* Special thanks to Sullivan's Lincolnshire for a wonderful experience...even with the kiddos!

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