Sir Mix-A-Lot

For me to hang onto a piece of clothing for an entire decade, two things need to happen: A. I had to have splurged on the item because only that type of quality lasts over time and B. the item has to transcend all trends.

Such is the case for these bell bottom Citizen jeans. I bought them in 2004 at full price and I remember that being a big deal. I LOVED them and still do. In fact, I wore this outfit on a day of meetings and one of my clients complimented me on them. Kind of a big deal when your client happens to have founded a very well known denim brand. (note to self: always wear your client's denim to said client's office...slaps palm to forehead)

As for the rest of my ensemble, I rolled the dice and mixed it up. It's really true what they can mix any print together so long as the size of the print matches the size of the opposing print. In this case the small-ish polka dots complimented the thin stripes of my tee. 

This is what I call an outfit worth repeating. 

Merona Blazer | Forever 21 Striped Tee | Citizen Trouser Denim | c/o ShopLately Necklace | Forever 21 Black Pumps