Saugatuck Style.


We just returned from a long weekend away with the kids and it was everything we didn't know we needed; not to mention perfect timing before school starts. I can't believe we have a mere three days. <cue the tears...for me, not them!> We took a short drive up to Saugatuck, MI which is only a 2.5 hour trip from Chicago. Yep, puppy, kids and all! Pretty painless in exchange for all that peace and quiet! Here is the house we stayed in. I am 100% sure we will be returning!


Lake life style is indeed relaxed; especially when you have three people tapping their feet for dinner or the beach or an ice cream run. I brought basics and very little makeup and I tried to link all of my outfits in this post as well. 


Another beach day, another hat. I think this is the first time my face didn't get sunburn thanks to this wide brim beauty. I'm a later bloomer when it comes to headwear but I really loved the ease of throwing on a boating hat and going. Sometimes that's a challenge with bangs but 10th Street has an amazing selection of styles and sizes. 


Most days we woke up and walked or headed to the beach. I was living in this hat. I have such a hard time finding hats that hit my head. Anyone else?

As you can tell, there is so much natural beauty in this little lake town. Tons to do with amazing dining options. We went on more walks than we usually do which is a welcome exchange for screen time. I will always promote that with the kids - after all, we have winter for that and you know those Chicago winters can be long!


My husband and I really tried to refrain from working and be active with the kids. It worked! We all slept in just a bit longer, we laughed a little bit harder and we got loads of fresh air. Reminding myself that it's okay to take time off and not feel shackled to my desk. In the end, it makes me a better mother, partner and coworker and I'm pretty sure everyone is completely down with that. 

Ready to tackle a new week and Fall! Hope your weekend was great, too!