No reservations, just confidence.

This week I'm feeling pretty uncomfortable but also somewhat liberated. I'm partnering with Target on a Spring swimwear campaign via social media and not one, but two of my posts this week will be dedicated to my two choices for feeling confident and being proud of the body God gave me. Baby steps...

Consider this a 101 things i love first. When I think about this body that has pushed the boundaries of bad eating habits in my pre-teens to barely eating in my teen years when I lived and breathed for ballet to college when I drank most of my calories to marriage when I fell in love and gosh, love makes you eat...happily! motherhood! Two babies came out of this body and slowly, over time - I've resumed a body that I can be proud of. Sure, I'm no Heidi Klum but I've worked for those little biceps. And my tummy will never be one that you can bounce a nickel off of but I tell ya - I really work at it. I like to say I have a 3.5 pack...and yes, that's abs I'm talking about!

It's a body that has many stories...good, bad and indifferent. But more importantly, one that has accomplished great things. One that my daughters look up to, one that my husband appreciates and one that I've come to accept. 

So this week I celebrate being confident in my own skin. Curves, pooches and all! Maybe that's the beauty of growing realize that a couple great glasses of wine and that fabulous dessert are so worth the extra work on a Saturday morning! 

Stop by Thursday for the beloved bikini. I'll be holding my breath until then...

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