My Fall Beauty Picks. <11 of 'em!>


I've never been all too loyal to one particular beauty brand. That's changed quite a bit in 2017. I find myself reaching for the staples pretty frequently these days. Let's just say I've figured out who makes the best concealer. I know which matte lipstick stays on the longest and yes, it's worth your precious dollars to spend a little bit more when it comes to these items. Took me 39 years to figure it out but hey - better late than never.

Today I am sharing my Fall Beauty Picks...the ones I use on the daily and simply cannot live without. This list has become somewhat refined, too. I've kissed a lot of frogs before I've landed on these goodies hence if you have questions ask away! These tried and true, tested products won't schmear, wipe off or crease...they remove all the dirt...tout hair that will actually move....and yes, give you that sexy sheen on your legs for days. Eager for the deets? Look no further!

  1. Tony Moly Sweet Peach Foam Cleanser: I wash my face in the AM and in the shower with this foamy miracle. It smells heavenly and wipes away the cobwebs without leaving your skin dry and itchy. It's a heavier cleanser but it still leaves my skin with that squeaky clean feel. 
  2. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealing Pot: This is the mecca of all concealers. It's thick so a little goes a long way! It hides the nastiest of circles. Developed by plastic surgeons, it glides on smooth and blends like a miracle. I've layered quite a bit in my day. 
  3. Shu Umeura Finishing Spray: It's the anti-hairspray of all hairspray. I stock up at my salon. It leaves a micro-fine mist on my hair and simply sets it without the stiffness. Complete mobility from go!
  4. Pixi by Petra "It's Judy Time" Eye Palette: This is a new favorite for its blendability powers. I think the palette would work on any skin color. The colors are gold flecked and glide on your eye smoothly. I start at the top of the palette and work my way down for night. Found at Target for $24!
  5. Urban Decay Mega Matte Lipstick in Crank: I'm obsessed with this line. When they say matte, they mean it. A bit of a splurge at $17 but worth every penny. I apply it once a day and literally receive compliments ALL day. It fades perfectly. 
  6. Soap & Glory Fab Pore Cleanser: This is my nighttime cleanser. It has this minty cool capsule foaming quality and suds like no other. I love that in a cleanser. I keep restocking my shelves with it and who doesn't love a good pump? Removes all traces of makeup and can be found at Target for $8.79!
  7. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Correcting Powder: Truth: $38 is the most I've every spent on a powder but this is like bringing out the big guns after a wax, facial, bad breakout or tweezing episode. It literally removes all traces of redness in a pinch. I cannot shout from the rooftops enough about this powder. Ingredients include aloe, turmeric, collagen, cucumber, avocado and chamomile. "Nuff said. 
  8. Pixi by Petra MariamMaquillage Strobe Palette: Need a little dimension but not a master contourer? Me neither. This palette is a steal at $20 and has again, those pretty gold flecks leaving your skin dewy and bronzed. I actually got an Instagram DM from someone asking me what I've been doing for skincare lately because my skin looked so good. <answer: nothing, I just use this palette daily.>
  9. Pixi By Petra + Aspynovard Glow-y Powder: The prettiest, sheer mineral powder blush with just a touch of "pinch your cheeks" pink as I like to call it. I have been searching high and low for the perfect pink. This is it. Gives you that "I just came in from the skating rink" look!
  10. NYX Professional® Makeup Slide On Lip Pencil in Disco Rage: My girlfriend turned me onto this lip liner because at $7.99 it's the best lip liner out on the market. I love NYX lip products! I wear a lot of fuchsia lipstick and this pink goes with everything and your lipstick will stay put. Most important of all. Stock up. I cannot compare another lipliner to it...literally.
  11. NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil: I am starting to get hooked on dry oil in lieu of lotion. It absorbs ultra quick and has the prettiest sheen. The scent is nice layered under my perfume, too. Your skin will thank you, too because it will leave you with a dewy sheen. Smells like almonds and doesn't rub off on your clothes with greasy residue. 

There you have it - 11 of my steadfast faves for your shopping pleasure. I've linked every single item below. All it takes is one click and you'll be a bronzed babe in no time flat! Happy shopping! xo