Luck be a lady.

Real friends don’t get offended when you insult them. They smile and call you something more offensive.

Isn’t this the hallmark of a real friendship? Just kidding. I do love the quote though. That’s the kind of friendship I aspire to have with all my friends…comfort, laughter and a casual air of spontaneity.

Whelp, in the name of spontaneity this double date duo headed to Truluck Rosemont to celebrate and close in on a year of friendship, successes, some failures, family and some of those truly bazaar moments that you can only laugh about. And laughter was in order! I can always count on that with my Berkun Crew.


If you’re a first timer like me, I can tell you exactly what to order at Truluck. Everything!

This rich, romantic restaurant is ideal for date nights as much as it is for holiday parties or company events. In fact, we saw some teams gettin’ rowdy on the way out and do you know what I say to that..chin chin, my friends! Get after it!

Dark mahogany booths, stunning chandeliers, dramatic staircases all in the accompaniment of live music. A gorgeous baby grand piano sits amidst the bar area and the music literally wafts to every corner of the restaurant. Truluck is fine dining at its best and I am so happy they found a home only minutes from my neighborhood!


What to order? No problem! Share everything so you can taste as much of the menu as possible. It’s worth the caloric intake. We ordered a seafood montage that was just epic and then moved onto crab cakes, sea bass, a gorgeous filet with French fries, natch, meatballs and the most decadent trio of desserts. My god, you could have rolled me home.

And don’t forget the wine. Not only did they specialize in hand crafted cocktails for the boys, think: Old Fashions and Manhattans, but they have a huge array of wines for the ladies. Every varietal you can think of!


Will I be back for more? I most certainly will! Truluck is all about catering to your every need. Your glass will never be empty. Your plate will never sit in front of you for longer than 10 seconds and your waitress is always nearby to move you onto the next course. A dangerous diversion but a worthy one.

Test your luck at Truluck this holiday season…you’ll be the MVP of your marriage. I promise!