Winter Skin.


The thing about skin is that it changes all the time. It changes with age. It changes with the seasons. It changes with stress. And while yes, I receive quite a bit of product to review, I hope you know by now that I only write about people, places, things that I truly love.

As an amateur beauty conoiseur, there was something about Skin Regimen that prompted me to dive right in and kickstart a trial. Something about their messaging: Fast living. Slow aging. That speaks to me. I have checked off box #1 but and box #2 is on my wish list. Same for us all, right?

So let’s talk about cleansing. Who in the audience doesn’t feel that their face is clean unless the cleanser bubbles, foams or leaves your skin squeaky clean? I am raising my hand. If you are, too…highly recommend you try this cleansing cream. Bye bye pollution, hello natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce.


Serums and creams? I got you covered. Try their Tripeptide Cream. This is all you need in the winter as this little jar boast mega hydration. Claims to reduce stress and fatigue as well. To be truthful, I am not discounting that possibility but I would say that I still look pretty tired. December has been intense.

Finally, don’t forget the retinol. Their Retinol Booster does indeed make a noticeable difference on my skin within a mere few days. This little product packs major muscle into diminishing wrinkles. My skin felt brighter, firmer…more pulled together. And no knife. That’s what I’m talking about!

The Skin Regimen line is plant based which I love. Something feels good about that. Perhaps it’s a modern mental shift. It also happens to be the sister to the ever-popular Davines haircare collection which is basically heaven on earth. Every product they put out is magic.

Back to SR…this product line is a new launch and carried online and in spas. This collection hails from Italy and is design for urban dwellers like myself. No one really talks about pollution and all the things we absorb into our skin just running around the city so I love that differentiator. The scents are minimal if not nonexistent. What you get is clean beauty with fast results. Highly recommend you give this collection a spin. It’s become a fast favorite!