Grey day.

Happy March! (these photos were not taken in March!)

We're all ready to lift the winter cobwebs away and start thinking Spring. There's more Instagram photos of flowers and pastels than ever before. Not that I was paying attention. 

What are Sunday's for anyway, right?

Pulling out all the oldies in this post. I'll never tire of the Old Navy Pixie Pant. It really is the best budget pant that washes well and holds its shape. Some really fun prints for Spring, too!

Have you created your Spring wish list? I did a big closet purge and listed a ton on my Poshmark account. Proudly, I showed my husband how much room I had created directing him to the smaller stack of shoe boxes and the response was less then favorable. I think I saw a slight eye roll. 

Whatever...I mean I can see my laundry hamper. That's progress in my books.

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