Friday night dinner crew.


By now, you know that Woodfield is my mall of choice. I’ve essentially grown up going there. I’ve seen the changes over the years and this year was no different. The roll out of the uber, sleek Dining Pavilion has made this mall a destination for families, date night, girl’s night and just about every other occasion.

A few weeks ago they hosted local bloggers for an informal progressive dinner. Eagerly I replied yes…the perfect end to a busy week! And for a change of pace, I chose my mom as my date as did fellow bff, Helen.


Dinner, or apps I should say, kicked off at Kinfork. Known for it’s mouthwatering BBQ and unique take on cocktails, this group of ladies dove headfirst into a ridiculously awesome plate of nachos. Nachos with a kick - bring on the jalapeños! Had it not been for the fact that we had two more restaurants to go - I would have eaten the entire plate.


Next up was Uncle Julio’s! My favorite on the list. They make a mean spicy marg, just what the doctor ordered! And that little inside out lime? That holds a shot of tequila. Brilliant!


Uncle Julio’s spoiled us with bacon wrapped shrimp, chicken fajitas, tacos. It felt like Thanksgiving only I had no elastic pants. And of course, the grand finale…a chocolate filled piñata filled with cinnamon churros, whip cream, chocolate, pineapples and strawberries. To. Die. For.


Just when I started to rub my belly, the final stop called…dessert at The Cheesecake Factory. Wutttt? Yes, for real! I had to take mine home because I thought I was going to burst. The ladies ordered a round of espressos and cheesecake to go. Might I add that the classic and vanilla creme were my desserts of choice.

As much as Woodfield and I partner often, full disclosure, I think you guys know that I only create content for brands, experiences and products that I truly love. This mall is so much more than a place to get your shop on…it’s a destination for fun. I hope you’ll give it a shot as the weather changes because there is so much to do, see, eat and shop!