Coffee to go?


I cannot even begin to describe the last eight days to you. It was equal parts heartbreaking as it was exhausting. Our family got hit bad. As hit by the flu bug and it took every single one of us down. My kids JUST returned to school today. Yep, they missed an entire week of school.

As I type this the temp is 60 degrees in February...and I live in Chicago. If that doesn't confuse you, girl, I don't know what will. No wonder everyone is sick! After being completely house bound, I am ready to enter the real world and socialize and get healthy again. In all fairness, we have been VERY healthy this winter season of which I am grateful for so there's that.

I'd like to say that this has been my wardrobe these days but that would be a lie because I've been living in elastic and doing loads of laundry. Actually, I've become a professional medicine dropper. Who knew, right? Anyhoo, this is my "almost-spring-uniform". I am totally into cardis lately. Go figure. The antithesis of what I normally gravitate towards. Am I getting old? Don't answer that!

Instead, shop my exact look below: