Another day of smiling through the cold. That's how it works in February, right? Whelp, if you're gonna do it, might as well stay stylish.

Consider this week an official week at home. We now have three out of four of us down for the count. My living room looks like an infirmary. I have calls and one meeting scheduled but beyond that you will find me in sweatpants this week. I think my body is still trying to decide if it's gonna give in to this nasty flu virus that has taken residence in our house. Just is out on that one.

Let's talk about this quilted action. Another great piece from Coalition LA. I love the snug fit because most outerwear makes me feel bulky but sacrificing warmth is not an option. The color is great and the subtle gold details make this a must in every girl's wardrobe. 

This pair of Frame denim is on repeat, too. I am all about the details these days. Gold buttons, faux fur and side slits...SOLD! They are super comfy right out of the store, too. I am almost afraid to wash them. Which begs the question...

How often do you wash your denim?

Do tell and in the meantime, shop my exact look below: