SelfMade Speed Round - Krista Trpkovski


I met Krista only recently and was immediately struck with how warm she was. Little did I know that she was the force behind Imperfect Grace which has been a social media profile I had been admiring, specifically on Instagram, for the last year. Her elegant, dainty jewelry designs are ideal for the urban momma on the go. Unique and minimalist with a touch of rock star. My kinda profile. 

If you don't know the skinny behind this iconic brand, meet the babe who started it all...

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  1. What’s the name of your business?  Imperfect Grace

  2. Two sentences or less...what is the goal of your business?  I’ve loved jewelry since I was little, it has always been my way to express my style.  When I started looking for a few fine jewelry pieces to add to my collection, I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I had to design them myself.  I wanted my pieces to be unique and versatile, classic but with a modern twist, and so Imperfect Grace was born.

  3. How long have you had your business? I was dreaming it up for some time, but officially in business for over a year

  4. What was the hardest part about getting started? Actually doing it! I was pregnant with my daughter, had a full time job, and decided that was the optimal time to get started a business (insert rolling eyes) - but it was one of those points in my life that I knew if I didn’t do it then, it might have never happened.

  5. What is the biggest triumph you’ve experienced thus far? Launching my first collection and getting it into stores.

  6. What’s for breakfast? Coffee, belvita crackers or banana with peanut butter

  7. Kids - yes/no and if yes, how many/ages? Yes, one and she is one, although if you ask her, she will tell you she is two

  8. Workout? What do you love to do? Power yoga, it keeps me sane

  9. Favorite snack? Dark chocolate, dark chocolate is good for you, right?  Otherwise, greek yogurt

  10. Favorite guilty pleasure? Cadbury eggs, i have no self control when it comes to cadbury eggs

  11. Best vacation you’ve ever taken and why? Paris, hands down Paris.  It truly left a life-changing impression on me, it’s a magical city, everything about it is incredible.  And I was truly impressed with how effortlessly chic the Parisians are, really something to aspire to.  

  12. One must have item in your purse? Baby wipes, they solve every crisis.   

  13. Go-to everyday uniform? Jeans, tshirt, leather jacket and my staple jewelry pieces, I never leave the house without at least a piece of jewelry.   

  14. Favorite luxury beauty product? YSL touche éclat (aka 8 hours of beauty sleep in a click) because #momlife

  15. Favorite drugstore beauty steal? Loréal Infallible pro matte lip gloss, it’s actually quite good

  16. Milk or dark chocolate? Dark

  17. What did you want to be when you grew up? Jewelry designer!

  18. What’s your party trick? Abundance of alcohol, similar to baby wipes, it fixes everything

  19. Name one destination on your bucket list? Amalfi Coast

  20. Favorite TV program? This Is Us

  21. Beyonce or Jay Z? Beyonce

  22. Wine or cocktail? What kind? Wine, red

  23. Your friends’ nickname for you is? K (creative, right?)

  24. What’s next for your business? Continuing to grow the awareness of Imperfect Grace and new sparkles

  25. Pets? What kind/name? Sadly I’ve never had a pet

  26. Favorite neighborhood in Chicago? West Loop, only because that’s where my family and I currently live.  I think every neighborhood in Chicago is unique and has a lot to offer

  27. Podcast listener? Which one? Used to be, but since I don’t have a commute to work now, I’ve dropped the ball on keeping up with my podcast game

  28. Biggest pet peeve? Loud chewing

  29. What’s your sign? Aquarius

  30. What’s your favorite quote? “The world belongs to the brave” - mom

Thank you Krista. xx