Bejeweled holiday with ShopLately.

The holidays are nothing if not an excuse to get glam and up your bling game. It's a time for parties, events, indulging and...well...statement jewelry! 

I had the pleasure of collaborating on a really fun project with my fellow Chicago bloggers and ShopLately. ShopLately is a market place, giving designers and brands the opportunity to showcase their products to a fashion-conscious group of us! It's my go-to site for keeping up on accessory, apparel and jewelry trends. 

Shopping on ShopLately is always an experience that lends to several hours of browsing and shopping cart negotiation. I love love love that they have new arrivals every Monday and awesome sale events every Wednesday. Read: dangerous.

Their pricing is especially affordable making the experience easy and my shopping cart quite full!

They even have an "Insider Program" where you can receive free shipping on ALL items. For $9.00 a year, let's just say it's worth your time. You can sign up here!

I have to say that getting to know these stylish ladies through blogging has been one of the highlights thus far. I admire them for their unique sense of style, magnetic personalities and endless comic relief. Needless to say, I always muster a few belly laughs when I'm around them. 

Get to know 'em if you don't already: Zahra, Kaitlyn, Lisa, Tabitha, Peggy and Stephanie.

Let's get down to glam business. My ShopLately picks! I've been searching high and low for a collar necklace and this one spoke to me! Actually it screamed at me. 

Naturally I couldn't leave my ears naked - bows were in order! And this ring, well...that went in the cart, too. #shoppingproblems

Like what you see? You can shop all our picks here! ShopLately has generously created a sales event for all of our holiday bling. You'll receive sale pricing on each of our items until 11/26/14. (hint: just in time for Black Friday and knocking a few items off your wish lists!)

Happy Shopping! xo

Special thanks to my lovely models and our photographer:

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