Babies + pink chocolate.


Sunday was so busy. I was cursing myself @ 7:30am but felt completely fulfilled by 5pm which is when Lola and I returned home. Talk about a full day! And while I typically prefer a lounge-y kinda Sunday; I cannot lie…we had a great mother/daughter day. Olivia had a Dad Day in the city with her uncle which was filled with arcade games, burgers and hanging out with my brother’s cats. That’s living her best life if you don’t know my Olivia.

On the other end of the spectrum, Lola and I attended the most beautiful baby sprinkle for our dear friend, Sam. Might I add she is quite possibly the most stunning pregnant woman but that’s a different story for a different day! The kiddos colored and had their own sweet table while the moms shopped at Monica + Andy, where the shower was held, and rubbed Sam’s belly. It was a really sweet occasion.

After, we took the girls to the Altissima Pop Up at Lil Epic Design which was in a word: stunning. There we ran around, snapped pictures and indulged on the most perfectly, pink sweets…$32 later I left with a bag of cake gems and rose chocolate bars. I guess Sunday is our day of indulgence. And man, were they delicious!

So what to wear? I added a recent pop of color to the closet. This Spring, I am all about yellow dresses. I’ve linked the one that I’m wearing below along with a couple other options and similar shoes. Dare I say we have officially entered Spring? Bring it! Next up, a mother/daughter day with Olivia!

Shop my look below: