All about that crochet.

Another awesome but busy weekend for the books. Not busy enough that we couldn't snap some style pics by abandoned railroad tracks though. Obviously...

The highlight of the weekend, second to quality family time, had to be this surprise feature on the Red Tricycle. It put a huge smile on my face the rest of my Sunday. All that time scrutinizing over Instagram filters and settings...I'm really not that nuts after all!

Let's talk about crochet. And fringe! And tassels! I can't get enough this summer. It's fun to have movement in my outfits. I feel like such a free spirit. Which is really the opposite of my very Type A personality...ha ha!

The bracelets are just an added punch of color and so fun to wear!

Happy Summer Solstice, too! We spent Father's Day outside...ok, my husband and kids did. I was chopping and doling out a meal every 15 minutes. At least it felt like it! Overall, it was a great kick off to what will hopefully be a fun Summer!

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