2017 learnings + epiphanies.


2017 was a difficult year for many people that I genuinely love and care about. In fact, it felt like the world was somewhat turned on its head with everything ranging from natural disasters to horrible tragedies to the ugly truth behind "me, too" in the media. Hard to watch, hard to listen to and hard to put one foot in front of the other when you're left wondering what you can do to help. What I did love about this year is that we all spoke up. It's a positive change and yes, the topics were taboo but so what? Let's get it all out on the table, I say!

As a social media expert of sorts, I saw communities band together for the positive but I also saw individuals band together for the negative and that's what gives social media a bad name. Still, I believe in the powers that be. And, in keeping up with tradition, I'm writing my last post of 2017 and breathing a sigh of relief in hopes that 2018 will patch the pain that so many felt this year.

Here are my thoughts on the past 365 days...

(in no apparent order and still based on my opinion only)

  1. The most important thing every child needs is safety. Any problem can be fixed when I put down my phone and just focus on their needs. 
  2. No one has it on easy street and nothing is as it seems. The fear of the unknown and having to start over can be terrifying at any age.
  3. Influencer cliques do exist. Unfortunately, age does not make you exempt. My feelings were hurt a lot this year. I could be overly sensitive but it's how I felt and what's truer than that?
  4. You can meet a wonderful friend at any age. I felt an instant bond with a couple individuals this year and I am so grateful for them. When it clicks, it clicks and they will never now how much inspiration and motivation they provide me.
  5. You will not get invited to every party. 
  6. Vacation often. I took three vacations this year and they did SO much good for my soul. I never do that.
  7. Grudges are such a heavy cross to bear. I saw more people hold grudges this year than ever before. LET. GO.
  8. Your children will be different...they'll have different strengths, different weaknesses. Don't treat them the same.
  9. It is never okay to cop an attitude in front of a client. 
  10. When you smell something rotten and you're about to engage in a project with a client...trust your gut. Not everyone is as honest as they seem. 
  11. PS. I keep relearning lesson #10 because I want to believe in everyone. Such a painful lesson to learn.
  12. Your child is never too old to welcome a sleeping buddy. Take them up on it! 
  13. Seriously people, I am not having another baby. Please stop asking.
  14. Sometimes you can't force people to change. Sounds ridiculous right? You can't, which means you have to move on and if you don't...you're actually part of the problem.
  15. Money goes just as quickly as it comes. Without it, what defines you? What is your legacy?
  16. Take the high road. Take the high road. Take the high road. 
  17. Question of the year: Should I keep blogging?
  18. Don't let people dictate your time. If you cannot respond immediately, life will go on.
  19. Say NO to spec work. I don't work for free. Do you? Can you sample coffee, buy a car, go on vacation for free "just to see if you like it?" Nope!
  20. In line with #19, there is no guarantee with anything...you have to trust professionals.
  21. Not everyone has your knowledge. Be patient with them.
  22. If you don't like my content - it's okay. You can totally move on. No need to alert the press.
  23. It's physically impossible for someone to be right all the time. 
  24. As much as I love Apple products, they really screw you over when they release new phones. It's magic, my phone craps out. 
  25. Are you charging what you're really worth? It's time you do.
  26. There is this weird vortex between Christmas and New Year's when all we want to do is wear pjs and we don't know the day of the week or the time. That's the stuff! 
  27. As I approach 40 in 2018, there is a great sense of freedom in that I am confident what I bring to the table and I am not as green as a college kid. It's liberating.
  28. In other news, 40 doesn't scare me at all. 50 - that's another story.
  29. If you ever want to find out who you're talking to, ask them what shows they watch on TV. It's very indicative of their personalities. 
  30. Oprah makes soup now? Jesus Christ. 
  31. Simple Mills makes awesome gluten-free crackers. Just sayin.
  32. It's possible for your children to break your heart at a young age. I have teenagers except they are really 5 + 6.
  33. Humanity still exists. I had the kindest woman help me at the airport while I struggled to check in with two littles and six bags solo. I almost hugged her. Almost. 
  34. I think everyone makes up the words to Despacito. Officially. No one knows what the hell they are singing. 
  35. One of my favorite meals of the year was at GIANT. Dark horse.
  36. I'd much rather watch video content than the same latte, labradoodle, pom hat photo. Can we retire these?
  37. IT Cosmetics makes the best CC Cream known to man. It has changed my life.
  38. Lola wants braces. She is going to get an A+ on this one with all the thumb sucking she is doing.
  39. Olivia told me she doesn't want to get married nor have a family. She wants to live down the street from us. Not sure what I think about this one.
  40. I wish I could nail the monochrome look. Some people are so good at it!
  41. Go see Coco. Even if you don't have children. Simply adorable.
  42. I got my first mammogram. I’m due for an ultrasound in February. Take charge of your health and send positive vibes. Not out of the clear yet. 

Undoubtedly I learned more but these are the frontrunners.

What did you learn this year?

Enjoy a safe New Year's with your loved ones and let go of the bad in 2018!

Wishing you the best and thank you for following along on this journey with me. xo