2018 learnings + epiphanies.

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You know, 2018 was a great year for so many reasons. It really was. I cannot complain. Sure, there were some disappointments but turning 40 was the highlight. With a stronger sense of self, my tolerance and my priorities…I was able to brush off the things that take up precious headspace and I look forward to more of that in 2019. Getting old can be liberating! <read my 2017 learnings here>

Here are my thoughts on the past 365 days...

(in no apparent order and still based on my opinion only)

  1. I believe that humility is essential to survival as a human, blogger, CEO, parent, spouse. The day this is lost is a really bad day. Humility continues to ground me.

  2. I’ve realized that I am a closed person. It’s not by design. When you feel that you need to make everyone happy, it doesn’t leave much room to be vulnerable often.

  3. …and when I am vulnerable, that means you have the secret sauce. Sometimes I have to remind myself to vulnerable.

  4. Celebrate rejection. Because without it, you never experience what true success feels like. The yes’ are so much sweeter.

  5. This body…oy, an entire blog post. I don’t love getting older and I still do not accept my body but I am trying.

  6. My husband may listen to 50% of what I say but that 50% is truly the most important. He surprises me.

  7. My boobs are fainting. Lola told me a few days ago that my boobs look like they are fainting because they are sagging and looking down. LOL. The shit kids say. Truth, girlfran.

  8. Friggin puppies. They are so good but man, what a pain in the ass yet I would NEVER give mine up. Still pisses me off when she takes a crap in the foyer.

  9. Only a Gemini understands a Gemini.

  10. Enough with the “being more present” BS. It’s nearly impossible. In 2019, I am going to remain connected but I am going to see new places and show you a world beyond Chicago and work and parenthood.

  11. Spanx leggings. Best investment of 2018. Two pairs in and I am loyalist.

  12. Find the people who radiate goodness and hang out with them as much as possible. That authenticity is solid gold. <Grubbe>

  13. If you don’t wanna go…don’t go. You won’t miss out on anything.

  14. Going on record to say: Yes, IG could very possibly go away and yes, the algorithms are changing again and will continue to change.

  15. Everything is still happening for a reason.

  16. It’s okay to sleep in. It’s okay to not respond immediately. And it’s okay to take time off.

  17. You are lucky. So lucky. You have so much compared to the rest of the world.

  18. Cut your hair. Chop it off. I dare you!

  19. Trust will be broken and it’s so hard to trust again but you have to push yourself to do it. There are so many people worthy of it.

  20. If you do anything at all…just be kind. It costs nothing. I continue to witness so much disregard for other humans.

  21. Support your tribe. Go to their events, share their posts, call them, text them, celebrate their wins. That’s what makes your tribe your tribe.

  22. It’s okay to speak your truth even if the rest do not agree.

  23. I’ve now added fillers to my annual beauty regimen. Hello youth but only once a year.

  24. If you think your pores are clogged. They are.

  25. Don’t spend too much time worrying what others think of you.

  26. Give yourself a break. It’s not possible to do it all.

  27. Drink more water. Ugh.

  28. People will never be 100% honest with you. Find your truth, grow and trust your intuition and move forward.

  29. Death to Starbucks coffee. That shit is not good for you. Bleck.

  30. Autocorrect is my literal nightmare.

  31. Purging my closet and steering towards black and white staples was easily one of my best decisions.

  32. I’m going to London! I’m going to Paris!

  33. I can drink my Russian friends under the table when it comes to wine but when it comes to vodka…no bueno.

  34. There is always room for new friends.

  35. If you want to experience compassion, look to your children because it’s pure, unadulterated goodness. Do everything you can to maintain that.

  36. Finding true love exists at any age. So many of my family members have gotten engaged or remarried and are SO incredibly happy. I think that is hopeful and wonderful.

  37. You’d be surprised who reads the content you put out there. 2018 was quite the learning for me. You’re still reading? #thankyou

  38. Stop using Facebook in place of Google. My god, people.

  39. Be spontaneous. Or at least try.

  40. Simple Mills Gluten Free Everything…life changing.

  41. I think I am done with comment pods. Exhausting.

  42. Take care of your skin. My father found out he has skin cancer. It’s no joke.


Enjoy a safe New Year's with your loved ones.

Wishing you the best and thank you for following along on this journey with me. xo