Contemplating 2018.


Good morning! I am back! Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful trip to Captiva, Florida where we literally unplugged and relaxed. It was vacationing done right and in part, due to the fact that I literally walked away from electronics and I was present with my family. What a difference and lesson learned! I am feeling totally recharged, inspired and ready to tackle some new and exciting changes around these parts. 

Yes, fashion will be a mainstay on this blog but me thinks it's time for a REAL change. Follow along for a complete brand overhaul, a new website look and feel and some new content buckets that start to peel back the layers of the many different hats we wear as women including mom, entrepreneur, blogger, wife, friend, daughter and so much more.

I am excited for change and I think it's time to adopt some meaningful change in 2018. As I mentioned, 2017 was tough but this year marks my ninth year in the blogosphere and my 40th trip around the sun. In one phrase...LET'S DO THIS! 

I'd like to hear from you. Genuinely! 

What types of content are you craving from? 

  • travel

  • family

  • more fashion

  • entrepreneurialism

  • social media tips + tricks

  • date night fun

  • shopping hacks

  • recipes

  • beauty

  • fitness

  • more writing in general

Leave nothing off the table. Let's reinvigorate this little community together!

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