Thursday loves: my favorite fitness items


Fitness is such an important part of my life. Once I was done having kids, I vowed to get toned. Slowly my goal of getting toned became a reality but the real reason I stuck with it was because it calmed my stress levels and made me a better wife and mother. 

There are two things that keep me motivated other than eating sweets...a high priority on my list.

  1. Music is the #1 instrument in delivering a great work out. There are so many days when I am not in the mood.
  2. Cute gear! Wearing ratty HS t-shirts makes me feel schleppy. Ditch the old and get shopping! There are SO many great, affordable options out there.

In light of the fact that it's the new year and resolutions are all anyone talks about for the first three weeks, I thought I would share my fitness favorites for anyone who's looking to get a little inspired and actually STICK with it.

Honestly, it's about forming habits. I work out six days a week and it's still a struggle. Truth. I've learned that it's not about how long you do it or how hard you sweat. It's about getting moving. It's such an instant mood changer for me that I almost cringe thinking of doing without. I am sure my family does, too!

Get motivated and have fun. Happy shopping! xo

<next week I will share my favorite work outs if you're interested?!>