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I shutter to think what I wore to my first job out of school. More awkward than anything. A small budget while trying to navigate my personal style as a young 20-something. The reality is that I didn't figure out my personal style until really about two years ago and I am 40. This could also be largely attributed to the fact that my body has changed with birthing two humans. Regardless, I am comfortable in the skin I'm in and I know what works for my body. This doesn't mean that I don't have occasional missteps but on the whole, I've widdled my closet down to a pretty curated collection.

If you're looking for past favorites, you can find them all listed here. God bless Poshmark!

So! How did I figure out my style after all these years? Sharing a few helpful tips that took me quite a long time to learn below:

  1. Stock up and invest in blazers. All colors. You can layer them with shorts, skirts, cropped denim, trousers and sundresses. They NEVER go out of style.
  2. Invest in quality, neutral camis. I stock up every year on nude, black, white and gray camisoles at Nordstrom Rack. I like them to be form fitting so that they don't bunch up under blazers. Bodysuits are another great option.
  3. Know your shape and what you feel confident in...brand-wise. Then, go out and invest in a few different washes and styles of said denim brand. I wear denim constantly and throughout the year. There is so much more out there than skinny denim.
  4. Opt for a mostly neutral wardrobe. Here's why: everything goes! You can mix and match until your heart's content.
  5. Edit your closet once a quarter. Ditch the silly prints and ill fitting items. Invest in a few key pieces each season. For me this falls into a few buckets: shoes, blazers, denim and a few versatile dresses. 

What's your work style? Share in the comments!

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