The end of sundress weather. <8 things I learned this summer>


It's always bittersweet to approach the long Labor Day weekend. The unofficial close of summer. We're savoring the last of pool weather, popsicles and barbecue no different than you, I am sure. 

Was this summer everything I anticipated it would be? Yes and no. I didn't relax nearly enough as I had intended to but I did have some learnings and personal growth. Leaving you with those and best wishes for a long weekend that will hopefully not include your laptop. Cheers my friends.

This summer I learned:

  1. There is no comparison to an outdoor concert in the heart of the city. Nothing beats it and the company I had with me this summer!
  2. My kids are growing up way too fast. From vocabulary to activities; no more babies in our house.
  3. Getting a puppy was easily the hardest but best decision. Let's be honest, mom is in charge of the dog.
  4. We need more weekend getaways. The last one was so so good and so darn short!
  5. Be grateful for your health. My father underwent a really big procedure on the brink of warm weather season. You never know what tomorrow will bring and I am thankful that he is in recovery mode.
  6. Edit your friendships. Not all friendships have longevity and they all serve a different purpose. The ones that don't make you feel special...those aren't a match for your precious time.
  7. Say thank you and mean it. When my husband helps me out or goes the extra mile, which is often, say thank you always and mean it. The same applies to my staff at work or my nanny. Make sure people feel appreciated.
  8. I am so glad that the one-piece bathing suit has returned. Too much rosé this summer! Ha!

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