What's in my beach bag?

We Are Now, We Are Bold, We Are Fit, We Are Free – We Are USA. We are boohoo.

boohoo is a brand after my own heart. I sang the praises of this dress yesterday. I want it in two other colors because the fit is amazing and let's face it...affordable fashion is my motto, let alone $35 dresses that make you feel like a goddess. The website is one of my top five bookmarked shopping sites for a reason!

Naturally, when they asked me to share what's in my beach bag...that was a no-brainer because as you know, I've savoring Summer. Every last watermelon slice!

What's in my bag? (you'll probably wish you'd never asked!) Obviously my girls have a huge influence on my free time hence the banana and stray goldfish. Sunblock...a given. Bathing suit, and cut offs because if I am with them...we're at the pool and of course, my wallet...because someone has to buy bomb pops for the clan. Oh and hand sanitizer because I'm a freak about germs. (Did you guess that? I bet you did.)

No, it's not as glamorous as my evening clutch but it's me; everyday. Enjoy the summer, enjoy the now.

Shop a few more of my favorite boohoo beach bags below: