I write this post as I browse pink sneakers online. I have no idea how I end up in these rabbit holes. I look at today's outfit post and I do admire a good heel but I dare say...I think I am becoming a sneaker head! Heels offer such a beautiful silhouette but there are so manyyyyyy sneaker options. Is that the mom in me coming out? I think so. 

First things first...thank you so very very much for your amazing comments and feedback on yesterday's post. You warmed my heart and made me believe that there is, indeed, some good in the world. That was refreshing. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. And we move onto bigger and better things, right? Right! Today I have a bit of a renewed spirit and I do love a dark, rainy morning. I am hunkering down to kill some work and I'm optimistic. Optimistic that this community will band together and spread more good in the world. You guys rock!

Shop my exact outfit below: