Transitioning the Tropics!

I'm about to go on a massive closet purge but before I do...I'm taking a good look at what items I can transition simply with another layer. Case and point...this cami dress.

Why yes, it is exceedingly tropical and looks amazing when accompanied with a pina colada...fact is, I won't be near a beach anytime soon. So, let's make it work overtime into the Fall. Pink and green is a match made in heaven. I've chosen to toughen it up with leather and sneaks. Easy fix for this mom!

I wore this to a meeting and could easily make it date-night ready with a simple switch of the heels. Those are the kind of fixes I look for these days when I shop online. 

In truth: you won't find me at brick and mortar stores for two reasons. 

  1. My kids don't have the patience.
  2. I'd rather be outside lapping up the sunshine before the weather turns.

That's fair right?

Lately, I gravitate to these shoes more than I care to admit but then again, you gotta do what works for you. These are working for me 100%. 

I always tell people, when asked of course, don't shove everything to the back of your closet just because Fall colors and jewel tones are in. Make your closet work for you. There are no rules in fashion. You make the rules. Wear what makes you happy!

Happy my look below:

Photography by Ali Stone

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