Teepees and hayrides.

Gosh you guys...the weekends are so great but the weeks...they really start out rough. It seems like I've been spinning in circles to get organized and when I finally do...it's Thursday and I just collapse.

By a show of hands, anyone else feel this way? Please say yes...

I used to cringe when people told me growing up, "Just you wait, time flies. Enjoy right now. The years go by quicker and quicker."

Sure, it's true but that doesn't mean I have to like it! Let's be honest, it's November. (I round up once we hit mid-month. I think it's the sales woman in me; we live and die by quotas and end of month goals)

This week I am pledging to take time back. I know my kids get so much of my attention but I need to dedicate more time to my husband and I doing "couple" things and me doing "me" things. I think time moves fast when we don't take a second to pause and breathe. I know I acknowledge the beauty in the ordinary because social media has opened my eyes to the impact of a strong visual. But, more and more I'm seeing the dizzying effects of being on the go and I want to create new time boundaries. 

A time to blog. A time for social media. A time to work out. A time to talk. A time to sit down and eat (not stand up). A time to sleep...more. A time to be pampered. A time to laugh more. Do you feel me?

I'm babbling guys but stick with me this week. Tomorrow is a fun post with DSW with more Fall goodness on the way.