She's 8!


Previous years didn’t affect me as much as this birthday. Not sure why. Eight might as well be ten as far as I’m concerned. She just doesn’t feel like a little girl anymore and while it’s wonderful to see her grow and I couldn’t be more proud…gosh, I am not ready to let go of that little baby. This is a sentimental birthday for me. Missing teeth and all.

Olivia was born after three grueling days of labor on Mother’s Day. She’s my special baby. Now that little preemie is reading book #3 of Harry Potter and likes to play legos in her room with the door closed. I can already see the teenage years. Even with all the above, Olivia will still let mom hug and squeeze her and she still wants to be cuddled every chance she gets despite the fact that she is seriously getting a leg up <pun intended> on our height difference. Ahhhh, for the first time I feel old.

Okay, mush aside, what do you get an eight year old? It’s actually getting harder for me. Dolls have been cast aside and my girl has become more vested in what she’s wearing as much as she’s interested in books, art projects, legos and music. All the little pieces and parts have been collected in a basket and our interests are evolving. I am okay with that.

So…in honor of her birthday today, I am sharing what we got this little peanut and every single item was a hit. Truly. <pats self on back> Let me know if you have any questions. xx