Pause with purpose.

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This Labor Day Weekend I slept. Normally this would not be a cause for celebration but I don’t think you understand…sleep is a wishlist item for me or at least it has been lately. This weekend I REALLY slept and you don’t really realize how bad you need sleep until you do it and wake up feeling 100% different. Funny how that works.

Slowly regaining my footing on a new schedule, balance and finding some time for creativity. It’s taken a bit of a back seat but I truly miss it so one foot forward as they say…

Couple new updates, too. I really lost track of my Poshmark account because it all comes down to time. So, I am trying something new. I opened an IG account called @GrangeCloset where I will be reselling items that were barely worn or used…some never used at all! I am hoping this will be a quick and easy way for me to declutter and find a home for all these wonderful influencer gifts. Check it out here.

I am co-hosting an event on 9/12/19 in Highland Park and it’s complimentary. I hope you can join me…calling all you Northshore suburban babes! We’re tackling home renovation projects and more. RSVP to me personally at and check out the video below for more details.

Finally, I will be sharing an August update this week with some of the best activities we did with our kiddos before school started. Of course, you can plan these activities any time of year but I felt it worth the share because they are some of my most fond memories of the summer.

I hope you’ll join me as I prep for Fall and lean back into my little corner of the internet. Cheers!