A lifetime of lessons in one week.


Things have been a little bit more quiet on the blog front and there’s a reason. I kept wanting to write but I needed a moment to process my feelings. Truth is, I have felt all the emotions in a matter of a week and I am ready to put the negative ones behind me and find peace in the positive.

Last night I saw this quote and I found myself nodding my head:

The Organised Hustler on Instagram_ “Anyone else not have time for those negative thoughts to creep in today? Not today and not any day!!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Positive vibes only thanks…”.jpg

I won’t get into grand detail because truthfully, it’s not appropriate. But I can tell you how I came out on the other side. I have reminded myself that I am resilient and determined and as my father would say, “you can take that to the bank!” No matter what hurdle I have to get over…I’m gonna get over it. And if it means I have to try harder, work harder, read more, follow up more, stay up later, hustle harder - I will put in the time.

A friend of mine lost someone close this week which was a great reminder as well as the quote above. Everything else is bullshit. Life is so very short. Very short. You’ve got to…

  • work hard

  • hug harder

  • turn the other cheek

  • be kind

  • live your life with strong morals

  • always do your best

And that’s what I am going to do. So the positive…let’s review. I woke up every day because it was a new day. I sweat it out with my cycle sisters at SALT and gosh you guys, they always make me feel good. Spend more time with people that make you feel good!! Speaking of feeling good, I spoke on an entrepreneur panel and there was such great energy in the room. It’s what my soul needed plus I made new friends!

And for the grand finale, my nuggets auditioned for Fall musical theater and got killer parts. I say this like any mom would but it truly was a milestone. You see, the night before the audition, both girls were in tears. Literal tears. Nerves were rattling them. They were nervous to forget lines or flub but I just knew they needed me to build them up. We worked and we worked and when those double doors opened, before we even knew their roles, I knew they killed it because their smiles were sooo big. It made my heart so happy because us moms, we worry about everything. EVERYTHING.

So that was the highlight. Seeing confidence shine bright on two of the three most important humans in the world to me.

And if I am being really honest, I am sad to see summer go and I adore my kids…but gosh it feels good to grind out some work and be productive in a quiet house again. Battery pack recharged and ready for lift off!


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