On the fray.

Sweater weather is finally here! I might regret saying this but I am very excited about brisk mornings and cooler temps. My friend and fellow Oak St. Social photographer was cursing me for saying this last week but there it is...I said it. 

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts and blog commenting last week. I was up to my ears in work. All good things but I just couldn't make this blog work. Let's see how this week goes! Be patient with me...and my giveaway ends tomorrow. Don't forget!

One of my favorite sartorial combinations has got to be frayed denim and sweaters - as exhibited here. It's perfect for mornings on set. When in doubt, layer it out. I can shed this sweater and just rock my cut offs with a basic tee by afternoon. Instant outfit fix!

I've been reaching for these J.Jill Frye boots often, too. After searching for years for the perfect, slouchy suede boot...I was thrilled to discover these. They're worn in just how I like and look equally as adorable with a long maxi dress as they do with shorts. You can never go wrong with a pair of Frye boots. I have a taller version that I've worn for 16+ years. They're the best!

Since it is Monday, just pair this whole look with a pair of oversized sunnies and you're ready to tackle the day. That's pretty much my cure for no sleep or lotsa sleep - it's the easiest accessory to rock on the hardest day of the week! 

Thanks for stopping by - missed you guys!

Shop my exact outfit below: