Water therapy @ Kohler Waters Spa in Burr Ridge!

Kohler Spa is synonymous with luxury. The best of the best. I've had the pleasure of visiting The American Club in WI for a weekend but never before did I know that luxury was only a short 30-minute drive from my home sans overnight stay. 

If you haven't visited the Kohler Waters Spa in Burr Ridge - you're missing out! Located in the Burr Ridge Village Center you can find the spa nestled in the middle between high end shopping, dining, movies and more. One could easily make a day of this destination and come home fully rested and rejuvenated.

I tested out the "All Things Scotland" hydrotherapy treatment with my girl, Tricia. It was truly the best spa experience I've ever had and that's saying a lot given that I worked in the industry for 8.5 years. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my IG stories giving you a brief tour of the amazing pools and treatment rooms. 

I don't relax much during massages - never have. This treatment completely rendered me into a useless state. The treatment starts out with a foot soak and brief shoulder, neck and scalp massage followed by a full body scrub on the massage table, seaweed mask and...get this...a hair wash and conditioning treatment.

I was like a baby. Anyone who washes my hair and massages my scalp is aces in my books. For some reason I find this the most relaxing service of all. 

Following my hair treatment, the warm wrap was removed and out came the Vichy showers. I was rinsed until squeaking clean with a gentle, pulsing shower that covered my entire body. Note: you have to be comfortable stripping down for this treatment but the staff at Kohler is incredibly polite and discrete. I never felt vulnerable or awkward at any point in time. 

The grand finale of my treatment was a warm, seashell massage on my back and pressure points. It was quite lovely to be wrapped in blankets and finish with said treatment...almost like a gentle awakening. 

Post treatment, any treatment really, I highly recommend taking a dip in the hot and cold pools followed by a spin in the sauna. It's just heavenly. I'm currently trying to book an entire spa day with four of my girlfriends because we have been managing chaos and need a break. 

No doubt you should intend to spend several hours here and book a reservation at one of the restaurants within the shopping center post spa day. It's the perfect finish to a luxurious day and you can still return home for bedtime snuggles with your littles. 

That's my idea of the ideal escape! Enjoy!

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