Not a care in the world.


T-minus two days before the big 4-0 and our long awaited trip to New Orleans. I'd like to pretend I've not a care in the world but the truth of the matter is that I have a ten mile long list of items to check off that fluctuate between work, groceries, manicures and most importantly, my littles!

As the anxiety builds before I leave my precious babes, I have to keep reminding myself that this will be my uniform for the remainder of the week matched with a cocktail in hand. Isn't that the idea? And while I know they will be in amazing still makes me nervous leaving them. I think this is our second couples' trip in eight years - do the math!

As for our beloved vacation, my goal is to disconnect as much as I possibly can and to take in all the culture, food, music and walking as possible. Lord knows Chicago has had total weather schizophrenia this Spring. We are due for a great big dose of vitamin D!

Hope your week shapes up how you imagined! Shop my exact look below: