Grid system.


Two things about New York:

  1. It’s incredibly hot in July.

  2. It’s impossible to get lost if you know about the grid system.

I’ve never found New York to be daunting. Even in it’s hot, smelly season which is present tense. That energy that you find there is very real and it keeps me on the move. I don’t get tired much until I sit still but I suppose that is the wonderful thing about this city. The energy. You can’t find that in Chicago and while I love my great city so…there is no replicating the New York buzz.

I also know to avoid Times Square like the plague. Yes, we witnessed the great outage and no, it didn’t affect us because we NEVER stay anywhere near there. I highly recommend staying in Chelsea which was our home base for this trip. It’s a bit more quiet but still New York and steps away from Greenwich and all the fantastical foods you dream of. If you haven’t learned…we travel for delicious food.

So what to wear? Light and airy. I wore this set for a one-time visit to Times Square to take the girls to Lion King. …because when in Rome. Even though there are things I know about this city, I still can’t rob the kiddos of the most iconic adventures and Broadway is one of them. At a sweltering 98 degrees, this out fit the bill in every way. <pun intended> And who says you can’t wear these shorts alone or with a cute chambray top tied at the waist? Here’s an idea, transition into winter and throw some tights on. Either way, this little suit has some mileage built in if you’re creative enough to play with the basics. Have fun with it!

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