I am so excited about some of the changes that we have in the works for this little blog. My web designer and I were conferencing about it on Friday. Let's just say it's going to be more minimalist, more content driven and hopefully, a lot more sophisticated to lead me through this next chapter in life. Ideally, with age comes wisdom, hence I am driven to round out some of the content buckets...even the taboo ones.

Style will always be a staple as I mentioned last week. Speaking of staples, grey is one of my uniform staples. I've had all these pieces quite some time save for the accessories which add a little punch when Chicago weather gets a bit monotonous. My boots were a steal at ASOS. I receive so many compliments on them. It's usually from 90's kids to which I throw my hands up in the air and wave them like I just don't care! Yeah! 

Are you into the monochromatic look? What's your color of choice?

My exact outfit deets links below. Shop away!