Grease lightening.

Channeling Sandra Dee. Party of 1. Yep, that was a total accident but if the shoe fits...wear it! 

I changed into this sweatshirt for blog pics and very quickly realized that I forgot pants. #bloggerproblems, I realize. The closest item that resembled pants were these leggings...which are a wardrobe staple by anyone's standards right? Put them together and voila...100% Grease Lightening and completely unapologetic. Shocking right?

And I won't lie...I kinda love how it turned out with my shoe purchase of the year - these red, strappy heels! Turning the whole leggings aren't pants thing on it's head, eh?

These leggings are a tidge fancier with the faux leather panel...ahem. In case you were were right?

I'm telling you New Chic is a fashion gem for on-trend fashion fun. I get more compliments on this lil diddy than...well, a lotta stuff in my closet. Go check them out + use my code: "blog20off" for 20% off everything on the site!

In the meantime, I'll be walking the streets of Chicago in search of John Tavolta. Happy Monday!

Shop my outfit below: