Family dinner @ Cucina Paradiso.

Sunday dinner is an event for us every weekend. As it should be. We run around like crazies all week long and it's our first real opportunity to relax and chat. Outside of this one hour it's birthday parties and errand running and special every family in America. While we do spend a lot of time together as a family, it's not until a delicious dinner is in front of us that we actually pause and have conversation. Kind of crazy that it takes six days to get to that but I suppose that will be our new norm.

Cucina Paradiso is home to some of the best, authentic Italian cuisine here in Chicagoland. Newly, remodeled and nestled in the heart of Oak Park, our family paid a visit recently and savored every last bite. Not gonna lie, it was nice for Mom to sit back and not have to clean up, too!

My kids eat like all kids - carbs - but we did manage to order a delicious appetizer of grilled calamari of which they gobbled right up. Picture above is my husband's rigatoni bolognese. The consistency of the noodles and the fresh cheese was to die for. Makes boiling up some pasta at home not even in the same playing field. 

Lola has a bit of Italian in her so she opted for the spaghetti and meatballs. They were more than accommodating to make kid portions of everything. Truth be told, we had a nice little doggie bag to take home. No complaints.

Let's just talk about these meatballs. #1. They are the size of her head. #2. They are AMAZING. Sweet, savory and light. I could literally eat a plate of meatballs only and feel fine about my life. 

We were going to pass on dessert but then....! Hello homemade tiramisu and fresh sorbets. I'm licking the plates at this point which is essential for my summer bikini bod. Typical.

I ordered the chicken pistachio which was out of this world. Pounded chicken into thin breasts encrusted in a breadcrumb and pistachio crust with a side of asparagus. It was gone! Liv opted for a four cheese pizza. Thin crust only - absolutely no substitutions!

See that plate? Yeah, that's dessert. See those faces? Yeah, that's satisfaction.

Next time we make a stop at Cucina Paradiso, I am sitting on their covered patio. It's adorable. We opted for indoors for our dinner because it was sweltering outside but this would be the perfect spot for a date night and a couple of glasses of wine. You'd never guess you are sitting in the middle of Oak Park!

Give Cucina a shot. If you love small plates and authentic Italian fare - this is the spot for you! Prices are reasonable and they have an extensive wine list. And yes...children are welcome, too!

Cucina Paradiso

814 North Blvd, Oak Park, IL 60301


Open today · 5–9:30PM

Hasta la pasta folks!