Sooooo...this top. Yeah, I wear it a lot. Whatever happened to the baby doll trend? I miss it. In other news, I just listened to a podcast with Courtney Love. Like whoa. She was an amazing interview. I highly recommend Girl Boss Radio if you like podcasts.

In other news, This is such a Johanna outfit. Colors, whimsy, accessories and the return of denim. Ahhhh, Fall is that you? Are you ready folks?

I might add that Mott + Bow is a new-to-me denim brand that I adore because of the STRETCH. They get better with every wear and charcoal denim is such a great alternative don't you think? I need more of it in my life but I'd settle for another exact pair because they are that good.

And here we are...Fall and a new week. Let's kill it!

I've linked every exact item right here - happy shopping! xo