Black with a hint of black.


It's been a dark week already. Hard to lift the cobwebs. I'm on a mission to find some goodness in this world. Luckily that commodity is free with the assistance of two little girls. The best things in life ARE free, indeed. 

So let's discuss my somber attire. Black will always be chic, thankfully. And on the days that I cannot muster more than a t-shirt and jeans...this top is my go-to. I am wearing a regular. My only gripe is that I wish it came in a smaller size but comfort is abundant. Would be so cute with liquid leggings for a dressier look, too! 

Embroidery. It's having a moment right now. I love this pair to death. The florals on my jeans are an unexpected surprise...something different vs. the standard basics. What I love the most is that I can go very light with the accessories and let the details do the talking, which, is a win in my book!

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