A little bit of everything.


I am mourning the loss of another weekend. I feel like October is flying by so quickly. It's insane. From here on out we are going to try and cram as much pumpkin into our schedule as possible. I will admit...the weather has been hovering at this perfect 70ish mark which makes outfit prepping kinda fun still. Not quite in layers but chilly at night.

As great a weekend as we had, I'm afraid we are still on the mend. My little one got a weird stomach bug after her poms clinic which always breaks my heart to see my kid sick. My eldest has developed some sort of cough. I fear we are heading into major virus season here. Time for flu shots!

How's your October going? What Fall activities are you engaging in? The weeks are getting busier and busier which makes blogging somewhat of a challenge but I am trying to stay on track. Thank you as always for your positive comments and readership. Happy Monday!

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