101 Eats: No Smack Talk!

When you think of Chicago, you think of steak. And hot dogs. Let me be the first to tell you, you are oh-so-wrong to chalk up this foodie-loving-town to only serving up meat and potatoes. We have so much more to offer as made evident by the abundance of new dining options in the West Loop.

I took my family to brunch last weekend at Smack Shack. We were speechless for a long time. If you know us, this is a rarity and only happens once in awhile when the food is that good. Let's start with the overall aesthetic...

The Hamptons meet Providence...that's the vibe I was getting. It's quite a huge space but carefully thought out while avoiding the kitschy seafood theme a la Red Lobster. This is elevated, oceanic interior design. Zero cheese and all the East Coast vibes but well executed.

Hi! That's me!

I was smitten over the well placed lobster graffiti in secret corners and those tiles...don't even get me started!

Let's get to the good stuff...what we ate! If we do brunch - we're gonna eat so....

We ordered:

  1. Six oysters: 3 east coast & 3 west coast
  2. Beignets
  3. Buttermilk pancakes for our girlies
  4. Lobster Scrambled eggs for me
  5. Lobster roll for him
  6. A side of bacon (duh! It was Nueskes)

This is my Lobster Scrambled Eggs. Would you look at the size of those lobster chunks? It was heavenly and savory and so delicious. Quite honestly the best breakfast dish I've had in a long time. I can taste the lobster as I write...super tender, fresh and meaty!

This is my husband's lobster roll that I made him pause and hold while I snapped this. It was too good to be true. They make their bread in-house and it has this amazing texture of soft, pillowy dough and just a hint of sweetness. This brilliance envelopes the sweetest, most tender lobster meat. Not at all mayonaise-y or heavy. Just delicious.

And you'd be positively nuts to skip the beignets because those were out of this world. We brought them home because momma doesn't waste anything in the donut family. Powdered sugar melting into the most decadent donut triangles. O.M.G.

You must try Smack Shack! They have $1 Oyster Happy Hours daily of which I will be attending with my girls at the end of the month. ...because when I like something; I really like it and that's no smack talk!

Smack Shack

326 N. Morgan St.

Chicago, IL

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