Wednesday loves.

Well hello! How are we? It sure feels like November. I was just remarking to my husband how Halloween ends and turkeys and twinkly lights suddenly appear. It's like someone pulls open a magic curtain and here we are. Alarming and exciting all at once if you're a mom. Because you know what that means...gifting season. Ahhhhhh!

Today, I am clearly feeling all black. Like any true Chicagoan...well, actually we are feeling pretty blue these days. Go Cubbies! At any rate...six super chic picks for your shopping pleasure. You're welcome. How amazing is that bag? Gah...Santa are you listening?

  1. This is the cutest skirt in the lace up details and it's $81!
  2. Look closely for the fringe detail on this sweater. It's adorable!
  3. Everything about this bag down to the large grommets.
  4. Just because...sequin leggings are fun!
  5. A $15 swing dress is always a must in my books!
  6. Everyone needs a pair of rugged booties for Fall.

Happy shopping! xo

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