I needed a moment. I didn’t have an ounce of time to be creative last week. Head down, business was the name of the game and this weekend I took a much needed deep breath. Needed.

It was in that moment that I realized it was Summer and I needed to hit the pause button in order to enjoy it. Next month my kids would be back at school and soon, the holidays. I’ve been watching my kids have their best summer yet, or so it seems, and it makes my heart full. Visible tan lines, popsicle sticks strewn on the driveway, laughs overheard from their bedroom and a steady stream of wet towels in my laundry machine. That’s what summer should be. Right, adults?

Well, life tends to get a bit more serious as we get older. As expected. But that doesn’t mean an entire season should pass you by. I am working really hard to remind myself of this because we can work until we are in the graves and I likely will. But, that one email, the worrisome project that is keeping you up at night, the contracts, the mountain of administrative work that refuses to be checked off…it can all wait. Until Monday.

This weekend, I sweat standing still <the good kind>, I ate Italian ice and tacos, I strolled through an art fair, I wore sundresses <not the same cut offs!>, I took a nap, I bought an expensive chocolate bar, I watched Chef’s Table France, I took my new bag out for a spin, I slept in… and it was all glorious. Don’t forget to do the same. We deserve it!

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