Polka dotted peplum.

Do you see that? No snow!

It may be chilly but the sun is shining and I'm in full bridal shower mode which means feminine outfits for brunch, mimosas and the like. Not a bad way to spend your Saturday. I felt like this particular weekend called for peplum which is an interesting story in and of itself. 

For starters, I love peplum but it's not a love story. To be honest, I really struggle with peplum fashion. To be really honest, my stomach is my problem area, especially since having children. I'm most self conscious about this area of my body.

And let's face it -- peplum draws attention to your midsection which scares the bejesus out of me!


I scored this H&M version and it hit in all the right spots.  The polka dots were a welcome distraction. I think if you share the same body problems as I do...choose a dark peplum color palette because everyone looks good in black!

Just a little fashion tip: we all have our insecurities and I'm no spring chicken. I love the look of it; it's just finding the right balance in trends and how they match your body shape. Truthfully, not all trends work for everyone but peplum is now a trend I can get behind. Polka dotted peplum, that is!

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