My life in one bag.

They say that motherhood is about finding a balance. My view on motherhood is that of wind sprints. One minute you're running at high paced speeds to make it all work. The next minute you get 60 seconds of rest before the next sprint kicks in. 

Once you give in and let go, the sprints become part of your routine and it isn't so jarring. And the older your children get...the longer the rest periods, I find. 

That being said, I need a workhorse bag to keep all our snacks, extra pairs of underwear + leggings, chapstick, wallet, hand sanitizer and the like straight. Oh! And don't forget the Elsa doll and her three pairs of tiny, miniature shoes. Yeah, those are awesome. 


My Lany Backpack does the job of three moms, at least it seems, without skimping on staying fashionable. Ladies, I use this thing You may even remember seeing it on my Instagram

It's completely vegan (meaning no animals were harmed; synthetic leather) with several different compartments housed inside making organizing their stuff from yours quite easy. This is a must if you want to keep your fuchsia lipstick in tact!

The selling point of wearing a chic backpack vs. carrying a 90 lb. diaper bag is simple - hands free! When Lola gets too tired to walk or just wants to cuddle; I can scoop her up in seconds. I can put kids in the car. I can carry groceries and hold hands when crossing the street. 

Huge bonus points in my book.

Snag my Let's Twist Again Backpack for $60 - I promise it's a life-changer.

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