Autumn Equinox.


One of my top five favorite things about Fall has got to be the ability to wear denim cutoffs with long sleeved tops. I couldn't tell you why that is but it's a thing and it's a small fleeting moment before our legs completely freeze over here in Chicago.

And if you wanna know the truth, this is pretty much what I wear daily. I even rock the same shorts for roughly 4-5 days in a row. Gross? I dunno. It just works. I mean...I sit at a desk, dude. I just reach on the floor in the morning and throw them back on to drive the girls to school. Batta boom, batta bing. Ahhhh...the glamorous life.

In all seriousness, this is a great top. I have it in two colors and it was under $20 at Old Navy. I linked it below. I actually hate peplum EXCEPT for loose peplum, which I can totally handle. Plus, how often do you see green and white striped tops? You're welcome and Happy Thursday!

Shop my exact look below: