Holiday combat.

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Monday...we meet again! Hi friends! Back at it again after a busy weekend. I think we are all feeling the same, right? It was full but it was so great. Mom + Dad got a little date night fun in and we pretty much laid around all Sunday. Okay, that was me. I laid around all Saturday. #truth

We are trying to soak up as many lazy weekends as possible before the holidays hit full force. Show of hands who's with me? I'm already doing some shopping but I know it will be a sprint at the end. Last week I purchased a few gifts and made the executive decision that this is, indeed, the best holiday uniform. A lightweight sweater and moto jacket because the stores are blazing hot! These combat boots haven been in HEAVY rotation since I got them, too. They go with everything and I love a good chunky heel. It's the 90's child in me. Such a great price, too. I can wear them all day and my feet never hurt! Grab them while you still can!

I've linked my exact outfit details below...enjoy! xo