Fickle pickle.

Sartorially speaking, I'm in a bit of a pickle. Just when I think it's pastel snows. It's rough on a girl, you know?

And by rough I mean - it's 68 today and supposed to snow on Friday. Is that possible on April 1st? Chicago survey says...YES!

To be honest, this is my go-to ensemble when I've indulged too much over the weekend. Which is basically every weekend. We're talking chips, guacamole, mucho coffee with a splash of pinot noir. 

Anyone else have to resort to leggings come Monday? Tell me I'm not alone!

In the spirit of getting real - this a total "bandaid" look because my hat is masking unwashed hair, too. Oops.

We all have our days but nothing a little bold lipstick and a good heel can't cure! 

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