25 slam dunk hostess gift ideas.

It seems like our social calendar is picking up and with it, a real brain-buster problem: what's a cool hostess gift?

We're a little tired of gifting the proverbial bottle of wine which got me thinking...what would I want for a hostess gift?

Something unique, whimsical and practical. Those are generally good traits to have in your gift-giving abilities. More importantly, something to remember you by - after all, we want that second and third invitation back to the fun couple's house.

Well, I've rounded up 25 gifts to ensure you'll be at the top of the "A" list and known for your original style and grace. Everyone loves a good guest. (this also offers you a little wiggle room in case you get over-served, oopsie)

If all else fails...get 'em a bottle of wine!