I have a big crush on these heels. Big time. I wear them every opportunity I get and they are literally $40. I love when that happens...don't you? Cheap + chic gets you through the week!

This pair of denim I scooped up in the Spring and I've been craving them ever since which is not to say I didn't enjoy summer but as you know...I've fallen for Fall!

Next topic: Ditto. I've been switching out my sunnies on the regular thanks to this amazing subscription service. This pair is from the fashion icon, Victoria Beckham. I highly recommend this service...when you get bored simply choose a new pair online and they'll send you the package with a return label to return your former pair. Win/win. Use my code "101thingsilove" to get your first month free!

These days I'm opting for easy pieces like this top. Between running to grab the kids from school to photo shoots and meetings; I don't have a ton of time to think about my outfit. Sometimes it's a quick change of the shoes and I'm off to my next event. This top is just as cute with cut offs might I add.

This week has me running like a spinning top again. Can you believe it's Hump Day already? This weekend we plan on pumping the breaks and hitting a pumpkin patch. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to embrace Fall with the kiddos.

Shop my outfit below: